Terms Of Use

If you don't mind read the accompanying terms and conditions cautiously before utilizing any of our administrations. These terms and conditions are appropriate to all clients of our administrations just as guests on our site. In these terms, 'we', 'us' and 'myallassignmenthelp' alludes to myallassignmenthelp.com and 'you' alludes to guardians, students and any person who is utilizing our services or site.

Copyright statement

1.The substance present in this site are under copyright and must be utilized by myallassignmenthelp.com or somebody at risk to the administrations from our side. A non-business utilization of the substance is acknowledged, be that as it may.

2.The utilization of the substance of this site is totally restricted for any business use without the best possible authorization under any conditions.

3.myallassignmenthelp.com holds every right to the contents displayed on the website

Limitation on use

1.The base age limit for the membership to myallassignmenthelp.com is 10 years. In the event that you are beneath 10 years old, the services that we offer must be profited/availed if the earlier recommendation of the guardian is given.

2.The receipt that is given to you from our side exclusively has a place with you and until the shared assention, it isn't took into account you to exchange the material to another person.

3.The specialist/authority to utilize our noncommercial services is restricted when conceding to you. After a legitimate assention from both us and yourself,you can modify copy, download, distribute, display, perform, transmit, publish, reproduce, duplicate or offer for sale any data represented from our side with a properly written act.

4.Our agreement clearly states that you cannot submit the work as an assignment for acquiring grades or completing submissions. The assignments are only a place for you to study and comprehend the subject

5.. If you are found of violating the terms of our website, then the action may term up to the cancellation of the license to our website.

Warranty And Limitation Of Liability

1.We have no liability for any interruption or delay in access to the website. However, we are always ready to assist you.

2.We hold no responsibility if there is any data loss on your PC, server or network.

3. Although we always use the trusted software on our website, there is no guarantee for your experience with our website to be free of errors.

4.We reserve the right to suspend access for the scheduled maintenance/update of our website.

5.We are not responsible for non-access to our site due to failures of links or equipments, which are beyond our control.

6.If a student fails or doesn’t get satisfied results, we will not be held responsible. We have certified experts and we will always support them but cannot guarantee their excellence.

7.If the grades are poor from our services, we will offer a redo of the entire work. whatsoever as each assignment is considered a product and once delivered to student, it considered as the product sold.

Revision and Refund Policy

please refer to the REVISION AND REFUND POLICY section.


If any of the terms remains unenforceable under any circumstances as a whole, the other condition will still be remaining unaffected.


If there is need to change the terms and conditions of our services, we have the right to do so without issuing a prior notice to you.


We reserve the sole right to terminate whole or part of service agreement at any time.

Entire agreement

The latest agreement made between the student and our website (myallassignmenthelp.com) will completely supersede the previous one made.


6.If a student fails or doesn’t get satisfied results, we will not be held responsible. We have certified experts and we will always support them but cannot guarantee their excellence.

By subscribing to our services, the student agrees to receive emails and subscriptions via email from myallassignmenthelp.com about our latest services and promotional offers.

Price and Payment

No work will be started if we do not receive any part payment and we will send the work after receiving the full payment that has been agreed between us in writing.

We are not responsible for any charges that your bank will charge on the transaction.

You will pay total amount under these terms by the specified means, without any deduction or counterclaim. If we owe you any reimbursement, we will return that in no later than 30 days from the date on which we have agreed to reimburse you.


You acknowledge the internet is an open medium and where you specify delivery by email or by downloading from our Website, you accept the risk of delivery. All the work that we deliver is through electronic medium and no hard copies will be sent to your address.

We ensure that all works are provided with in the agreed time frame. If we are unable to do so you will be notified by email to arrange a modified delivery date or we will return the money that you have paid according to the section "Price and Payment".

We may deliver the Works in instalments if the complete Works are not available for delivery.

If the performance of our obligations under this Contract is prevented or delayed by any act or omission by you, we shall not be liable for any costs, charges or losses sustained or incurred by you arising directly or indirectly from such prevention or delay.

Permitted use of work

You are not permitted to submit the Works as your own, either in whole or in part and in doing so, would constitute a breach of our copyright in such Works. In doing so, you automatically forfeit your rights to use the Work in accordance with these Terms.

You agree not to resell, distribute or post to any website any Works provided hereunder.

You agree that any views expressed in the Works are opinions only and have been provided merely as academic support and do not constitute professional advice in any way.

You further agree that the Works should be used solely for research or reference purposes.

You acknowledge that any decision to use our services or the Works is made on your own initiative and you agree that neither we nor our Writers are in any way liable for any decision made by you to use our services or Works which may breach your institution's rules, regulations or guidelines.